BUDAPEST (Hungary)
Location :
Margit körút 19-21, BUDAPEST (H)
Area :
3,600 sqm GLA office, 15 high-end apartments
Indoor Parking :
Outdoor Parking :
Architect(s) :
OK2 Építész Iroda
HomeWork – the storybook example of rehabilitation

In one the most frequented locations of the 2nd district of Budapest, Codic has launched HomeWork to refurbish an existing school building of historical and monumental significance.


Thanks to the development, the project saves some of our past by transforming the spaces of the school building to meet today’s needs, giving it a complex new functions while preserving its architectural values. The revived complex has 15 high-end apartments on the top two levels, 3,600 sqm premium office space with private terraces and food court on the ground floor. The building has separate access for residents and office occupiers. The underground level will accommodate 50 car parks and several bicycle storages.


HomeWork will not only create unique workspace but also high-quality living areas with the addition of the private terraces and 1,300 sqm green area in the hearth of the Capital. Renovating and extending the park, designing a tranquil inner garden and adding the extensive green roof on the entire roofing panel are essential parts of the concept to create long-lasting value.